The Office

A lot to do. Busy day. The construction site was new, and it was his job to get the organisation right. There was to be no chaos at the site of Her Majesty’s new summer palace. He would see to that.

“What’s coming in today?” he yelled. No need to yell really, the office wasn’t that big and his voice produced a kind of hollow sound. But it always startled his aide, and he took great pleasure from that.

The aide looked annoyed. A young lad who didn’t really know the business. Yet. He would see to that.

“Stones and grass,” he replied and moved around the small desk. There wasn’t much light coming through the opening in the wall but sun beams fell through the window in the ceiling.

“Good, good. Have the reports finished by lunch,” he told the aide. There was a wooshing sound from outside and something fell through a second opening in the ceiling. A packet landed at his feet, a heavy packet judging from the sound.

“Ten minutes late,” he muttered and looked at the package. ‘Well, actually a day late,’ he decided upon seeing what it was. ‘A day and ten minutes.’

“Dragonflies! What can you expect from them!?“ His aide looked unhappily at the packet and tried to back away, but it was too late. “You will bring this to the workers at the third level,” he told him and watched the unhappiness increase on his aide’s face.

As much fun as it was, there was also a chance to correct his aide. “Get rid of that look on your face! You are a worker of Her Majesty. Don’t tell me that this task is below you!”

His aide mumbled something, sighed and moved to the packet. He bent down on all four legs, lifted it and slowly made his way out of the office, nearly knocking the doors from the hinges while doing so.

“Watch it!” he yelled at the retreating packet. “Or you are buying Her Majesty’s construction bureau a new teapot office! Those aren’t so easy to come by these day, you know!” Worker ants, what can you expect from them!

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